Phonics Learning Strategy For Parents Teaching Children Reading Program Launched

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My Kids Learn to Read, an online education platform, has launched a new reading program to provide parents and guardians with the help and resources they need to develop their children’s literacy skills.

The new program is designed to help parents and guardians teach their children how to read. The organisation seeks to promote literacy by empowering families with advice and tools to guide positive childhood interactions with language and communication.

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The recently launched program focuses on the 2-14 age demographic and employs teaching methods that emphasize phonics-based learning over a pictorial memory approach.

With one in five children in the US unable to read well by the age of 11, studies show that these children also struggle with other subjects and general literacy. As such, this shortcoming factors significantly into school dropout rates and a general aversion to academics.

Having already reached over 35,000 children, My Kids Learn to Read continues developing simple methods to grow a general interest in reading while also working to reduce the impact of learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

The organisation’s new reading program incorporates phonics as a teaching mechanism to help children distinguish words through sound patterns, as opposed to strict memorization techniques. The lessons are designed for easy accessibility, using interactive mediums like music and song to appeal to preschoolers as well as primary learners who haven’t shown much prior interest in reading.

Students are encouraged to read at least 15 minutes a day, concentrating on sound recognition and word matching to set the foundation for engaging with words both in books and the world at large.

To aid a child’s progress, parents are given detailed guides and tips outlining best practices in teaching areas like word formation and alphabet learning.

With this latest announcement, My Kids Learn to Read continues its mission to increase child literacy and inspire a life-long appreciation for reading and learning.

A company spokesperson states: “Since children learn at their respective paces, it’s best to make the learning process enjoyable. This program is designed to be encouraging and fun for everyone, and that goes a long way toward achieving success.”

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