Phoenix Swim Spa And Aquatic Fitness System Pool Installation Services Launched

Desert Hot Tubs, a hot tub and fitness pool company, launched aquatic fitness systems and aqua spa installation services for clients in Phoenix, AZ, as well as other Arizona areas. The offer includes the Endless Pools Aquatic Fitness Systems and various Swim Spa models.

Desert Hot Tubs, a company specializing in hot tubs and fitness pools, launched new aquatic fitness system installation services for clients in Phoenix, AZ, as well as other Arizona areas.

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The demand for small home swimming pools, swim spa type tubs and other types of hot tubs has grown considerably, as modular technologies make it increasingly affordable for home owners to own such recreational water facilities.

Aquatic fitness is a more recent trend, developing as an alternative to traditional fitness in gym and bodybuilding centers. However, as large swimming pools are mostly impractical in small backyards, and since the costs of a full-size swimming pool are usually considerable, smaller alternatives have started to appear on the market.

Desert Hot Tubs offers a type of swimming pool designed to maximize swimming time by implementing an Endless Pools custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system that creates a powerful adjustable water current to sustain static swimming. Unlike traditional swimming pools, the smaller aquatic fitness pool, called an Endless Pool, requires very little space to be installed, as swimming can take place virtually non-stop without requiring pool lengths much larger than that of a fully-grown adult.

Essentially, the principle behind the Endless Pool is that of a swimming treadmill, designed to maximize space efficiency by offering the possibility to swim without moving forward.

To create a comprehensive swim spa experience, Endless Pool system can be customized to include water jets for underwater massage, treadmills for underwater running or several additional fitness exercises. Swim current speed and other features can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of swimmers, including children and the elderly.

Desert Hot Tubs also offers a wide variety of hot tubs and swim spa pools of different sizes. Hot tub models include hydrotherapy features and water purifying technologies, and current models are designed for 2, 3, 5 or 7 adults.

Desert Hot Tubs currently offers New Year discounts of up to $5,000 for the first 2017 Aquatic Fitness System purchasing clients.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website, as well as by contacting Desert Hot Tubs, 20635 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85024, (602) 863-3305. Other Desert Hot Tubs outlets are open in Chandler, Tolleson and Surprise. More information on these locations is available at the link above.

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