Phoenix Real Estate Market Is a Buyer’s Market, Says Analyst launches new website to provide readers with the latest listings, tips and other information on current residential and real estate offers in Phoenix, AZ.

Timing Is Good for Property Buyers Looking for Solid Real Estate in Phoenix

Scottsdale, AZ (November 26, 2014) – Phoenix, Arizona is adream as far as real estate buyers are concerned. Despite the mortgage bubblepopping in the mid-2000s, the city never really stopped expanding in terms ofreal estate development. Nonetheless, Phoenix has yet to recover from theeffects of the mortgage crisis; many homeowners are still looking to sell theirproperties to avoid foreclosure, often at prices much lower than they initiallyposted.

“Right now, Phoenix is a place where you can buy a homeor a commercial property for much lower than you’d expect,” says JonathanNelsen, real estate analyst and spokesperson “The market is slow and prices are goingdown. It’s really the best time to invest in Phoenix real estate.”

According to Nelsen, the current state of the Phoenix realestate market is one of the reasons behind their launching a new Phoenix-basedreal estate website, “We want to givepeople as clear a picture of the market as possible so they’ll be able to maketheir decision intelligently, based on facts and correct information,”explains Nelsen.

Nelsen elaborates that while the Phoenix real estate marketis indeed a buyer’s market at the moment, the process of buying property is notas simple as walking up to an owner selling their home and offering to buy it.

“Bank requirements for mortgage applications are muchstricter now,” says Nelsen. “And that’s hardly surprising becausewe’ve really yet to recover from the last mortgage crisis we were in. You’vereally got to have the money or the credit to be able to buy property inPhoenix.”

“You really need help from someone who knows the marketin and out if you’re really serious about buying property in Phoenix,”Nelsen adds. “We’re that someone and we aim to help people get the bestreal estate deal they can get in this city.” is an online real estate resource providing the latest listings and informationon current offers on residential and commercial properties in Phoenix, Arizona. The website aims to help potential buyersthe property that best matches their needs and budget. For more information,please contact Jonathan M. Nelsen at orvisit

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