Phoenix International Inc. and Griffin Global Incorporated Announce Partnership

Phoenix International Inc. and Griffin Global Incorporated enter strategic partnership to do great good. The two firms have joined forces offering social influencers the chance to help!

Social Service Firm, Phoenix International Inc. and Griffin Global Incorporated, have announced a strategic partnership going forward.

Full details on the partnership can be viewed here: Griffin Global’s Website

Phoenix International Inc. is working diligently to expand the services offered to foster youth, the homeless, and veterans. The Dynamic Dollar Capital Campaign was created to assist with this. Phoenix is partnering with influencers, organizations, and companies to spread the word and help raise funds for this worthy cause. Phoenix International will gain much needed funding from this partnership as well as additional public exposure to our programs and mission. Partners who assist in the marketing of the Dynamic Dollar Capital Campaign will gain commissions and prizes for the donations they generate. They will also be listed on the Phoenix website as sponsors and partners. Tax certificates can also be granted for the aggregate donations. Please contact the development office at for more info..

In the near future, youth participants, the homeless, and veterans will benefit from new housing, increased stipends, vocational and retooling assistance and additional programming. Influencers will benefit from the increased notoriety of the socially focused campaign. They will also benefit from the prizes and commission funding. Griffin Global Incorporated will benefit by additional exposure to our growing network, as well as tax certificates for donations..

As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies hope to raise funds to increase social programming for vulnerable populations and to move Phoenix International Inc. to a new facility more suited to the great and necessary work being done. When asked about the new joint venture, Maurice D. Ravennah from Phoenix International Inc. said, This is a really exciting partnership at a truly exciting time. We look forward to the expansion of programs and helping more people rise above and BEYOND their present negative circumstances.

Michael Fanning affiliate and partner of Griffin Global Incorporated is also excited about the venture, saying this Dynamic Dollar Capital Campaign is a great concept. This creates a win win for everyone involved..

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the companies respective websites at Griffin Global Incorporated and Phoenix International Inc..

About Phoenix International Inc. and Griffin Global Incorporated

Phoenix International Inc. was founded in 2016 and serves the Charity, nonprofit, social service industry. Griffin Global Incorporated was founded in 2019. Griffin Global serves entrepreneurs in the consulting and business development industry.

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