Phoenix Home Cardio – Muscle Training Resistance/Core Fitness Machine Launched

CorePump LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, has launched a multi-functional resistance training apparatus, the CorePump® Machine, for a commercial-grade workout at home.

CorePump LLC, an online health and fitness retailer based in Phoenix, Arizona, has launched the CorePump® Machine, a multi-functional and medically certified resistance training apparatus that provides a commercial-grade workout to improve strength, endurance, and power from the comfort and safety of one’s home.

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Health protocols calling for a moratorium on social gatherings led to a nationwide closure of public gyms and workout facilities. The CorePump allows for a home-based workout regimen identical to what can be achieved in public gym environments.

The machine’s design draws on a Smart Resistance® system that engages and challenges muscle groups over the extent of the user’s workout. The device’s resistance adjustment dial offers six levels of strength training, ranging from 10 – 120 pounds.

Low Impact continuous resistance training on the CorePump offers a calorie burning, muscle building workout without the risk of compression, which can lead to inflammation, and without the risk of delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) that often accompanies conventional workouts.

Simple yet innovative, the CorePump Machine can be used for dozens of exercises, including oblique pulls and pushes, pendulum squats and abdomen pushes, shoulder presses and latissimus dorsi (lat) pull-downs, sit-up training, bicep curls and tricep extensions, and harness squats with abdomen pulls.

Ten minutes on the CorePump Machine is enough to provide a total body workout without risk of muscle tears or injury.

The device features 66 different handle positions, 6 resistance settings, and an adjustable platform that moves up and down depending on which muscle groups are being targeted. It requires no electricity, making it both quiet and eco-friendly, and at two feet by two feet, it can be used anywhere in the home.

The launch of the CorePump Machine allows fitness enthusiasts to maintain an at-home workout regimen that improves cardiovascular health, increases core and full body strength and enhances flexibility.

A CorePump owner says: “Excellent fitness machine. Great for all athletic and fitness levels. There is even adaptability for elderly and Medicare patients.”

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