Phoenix DUI Lawyers Will Be Busy with Over 300 DUI Arrests This Pas Weekend

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Arizona law enforcement arrest close to 300 DUI offenders over Labor Day holiday 2015. According to local news reports there were more than 7500 stops Statewide at various DUI checkpoints by DUI task force police. DUI checkpoints are part of the norm.

Law enforcement throughout Arizona was able to arrest close to 300 DUI offenders over this past Labor Day weekend via DUI checkpoints according to KPHO/ KTVK. Apparently, there were more than 7500 DUI stops throughout the State for suspicion of Drunk driving. Only 73 of those DUI arrests were considered to be Extreme DUI offenders. An extreme DUI offense in Arizona means that the driver’s BAC or blood alcohol level was at .15% or higher according to the news report. In other words close to 1% of all the individuals that were stopped and pulled over at the Arizona DUI checkpoints were arrested and charged with Extreme DUI.

In Arizona, according to Arizona State Law, the legal limit or blood alcohol level is .08% and driving impairment to the slightest degree is considered drunk driving or grounds for a DUI arrest. This is the reason individuals arrested on suspicion of DUI should consider employing the services of skilled Phoenix DUI lawyers. Impairment to the slightest degree is one of those things that is left up to the arresting officer as a judgement call. In many cases, law enforcement will detain the suspect and force the DUI offender to go through the legal process anyway. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but if a Phoenix DUI lawyer does not represent a person in this type of situation, it can be a mistake that can be costly not only in the financial area, but a tremendous life inconvenience.

It has become part of the norm now in which police officers continue to set up DUI checkpoints around the State of Arizona hoping to catch DUI offenders and arrest these individuals. The efforts of law enforcement have been successful thus far, however it seems that more and more people are becoming more aware resulting in volunteering designated drivers to keep away from a DUI arrest, as well as eliminating themselves and others from harmful driving situations. The police have been very aggressive in the police approach to bust DUI offenders with the use of DUI checkpoints on major holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years, etc. The police make it no secret as these checkpoints are easy to spot. In order to be made aware of these DUI checkpoints, it is very easy to get a hold of this information the day before or the day of by your local news outlet in Phoenix online on the social pages or website of the media company.

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