Phoenix AZ Tempered Shower Glass Installation Repair Service Launched

Arizona based glass shower door specialists, Superior Replacement Windows, has launched a new door replacement and installation service. The company offers solutions to every window and glass need for customers in the Phoenix area.

Superior Replacement Windows, the Phoenix, Arizona specialist, has launched a new glass door products and shower door replacement and installation service. It offers both frameless and framed shower door solutions including replacement shower doors, custom shower doors and shower enclosures.

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The site explains that the the glass shower doors provided by Superior Replacement Windows are made of tempered glass, which is manufactured by a special heating and rapid cooling process. This creates tension in the center of the glass, and gives it 400% higher strength than annealed glass.

This means that customers can benefit from added strength and structure in their windows. In the event of an accident, where the glass shatters, it means that it shatters into small crystalline pieces. These small shards are not as harmful as annealed glass, which creates dangerous shards that can cause permanent damage.

Ultimately, this makes the tempered glass the preferred type of glass for homes and bathrooms. Customers using Superior Replacement Windows can benefit from greater peace of mind, knowing they’ve got the best products on the market.

Customers looking for the best, safest shower glass installation can get in touch with Superior Replacement Windows to get the job done. The first part of the process is determining whether or not the job requires full glass replacement, or shower door installation as part of a remodelling project.

Before the installation, Superior Replacement Windows will send one of their experts to the property to inspect the shower in question. They will take careful measurements of the enclosure, and determine what needs to be done.

The company can order glass shower doors for any installation need, cut the glass to size, and install the glass for their customers. The installation process is usually completed in a day.

In addition to installation of glass shower doors, customers can also get fast, reliable shower door replacement services in Phoenix. Replacement shower doors can be installed to original builder specifications, and installed to match the original dimensions.

Full details of the Arizona shower fall installation repair services available with Superior Replacement Windows can be found on the URL above.

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