Phoenix AZ Premium Granite Kitchen Countertops – Home Remodel Inventory Expanded

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Locally owned and operated Premium Granite is expanding services to offer the largest inventory of luxury stone surfaces to residents and commercial contractors in the Phoenix, Arizona region.

The Phoenix-based industry experts have expanded services to give families and commercial contractors all they need to achieve their designs and remodels. With 12 years of experience, the family-owned company is an authority in the industry, offering a wide range of stone surfaces along with advice and installation services clients can rely on.

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With their sleek, shimmering appearance and durable surfaces, natural countertops add beauty and practicality to kitchen and bathroom spaces. A recent expansion in inventory at Premium Granite means residents and contractors throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area now have an extensive range of granite and differing edge profiles to choose from to create the customized and prefab designs they’re after.

Granite is the leading material for kitchen remodels, kitchen countertops, islands, bathroom counters, fireplace surroundings, outdoor surfaces, and decorative accents. Durable and varied in colors and finishes, granite is heat-resistant and easy to clean, making it an ideal surface for interiors.

Countertops and kitchen islands are a focal point in kitchen layouts, making them a key design element. No two slabs of granite are alike, which means clients can create color palettes that complement their home interiors to achieving a custom, elegant ambiance.

Used as a reliable building product for hundreds of years, granite is a coarse-grained, hard igneous rock that has been. It is one of the oldest and most hard-wearing materials available which, studies show, will outlast the structures in which they’re installed. Commercial contractors and homeowners looking for impressive levels of luxury can achieve an upscale look and superior practicality with the addition of granite surfaces.

Premium Granite has a wide selection of products with color variety. The company offers consultation and installation services clients can rely on to streamline processes and stay within budget. For those interested, they also offer soapstone, engineered stone, and quartz counter alternatives.

Known for their customer-oriented service and unique craftsmanship, Premium Granite treats each slab of granite with the precision required to meet their clients’ individual goals.

With their expanded inventory to meet every variety of commercial and residential building and design need, the experts at Premium Granite ensure their clients can access the materials they want, at the prices they need to achieve the finishes they envision.

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