Phoenix AZ Pottery Ceramics Studio Wheel Raku Classes LLC Expansion Announced

Desert Rock Pottery in Phoenix, AZ, has expanded to become an LLC. It is now looking to move to a commercial space to additional potter's wheels, more space for handbuilding and glazing stations, a kiln area, wedging tables, painting tables, and a small boutique shop.

Phoenix, Arizona-based Desert Rock Pottery, a ceramics and pottery studio, recently announced that it has expanded to become an LLC. This means that it is now officially recognized as a business, and it is one of many steps the company is taking to grow.

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This recently announced milestone is a step towards further development, as now the company is looking to expand into a commercial space. Being in a larger space would allow for additional potter’s wheels, more space for handbuilding and glazing stations, a kiln area, wedging tables, painting tables, and a small boutique shop.

John Shachter, owner and founder of Desert Rock Pottery, makes functional as well as artistic pieces in the small to midsize range with a variety of decorative and firing techniques, with a specialty in the varied Raku forms. He teaches the beginning foundations of working in clay, and currently offers introductory classes for individuals and couples in the potter’s wheel and handbuilding.

A video of a student completing a Raku firing of a piece can be seen at

The studio has added membership levels for open studio sessions. There are four membership levels for those who wish to continue practicing their skills either with the potter’s wheel or in handbuilding ceramic pieces, with monthly subscriptions starting at $80 for 10 hours of studio time. The levels include bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

“These are exciting times, and we look forward to continued growth and prosperity in our business now, and in the years to come,” said Shachter.

Desert Rock Pottery is also now included on the “Experiences” section of the Airbnb website, where travellers can find new and interesting things to do while visiting the area. The hope is this will allow the studio to gain more exposure to their services and increase the number of students they host.

One satisfied customer and student said: “It was a wonderful afternoon! John was friendly, knowledgeable and explained everything from A to Z (and then didn’t make fun of us when we messed up and needed to start again). It was a relaxing and very enjoyable experience. We would highly recommend!”

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For more information or to sign up for classes, visit the company website mentioned above, or call 602-367-3515.

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