Phoenix AZ Omni Maps Protocol Google SEO Local Visibility Service Launched

Phoenix SEO Geek based in Arizona announces the launch of its Google Maps SEO Services. Their Omni Maps Protocol® provides business with local place authority that makes it easier for them to be found by a larger geographic area.

Phoenix SEO Geek announces the launch of its Omni Maps Protocol®. This will allow businesses to rank at the very top of local map results, across an entire big city.

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By offering this SEO service, this firm can massively increase the profits of any business by increasing the number of local calls and converting leads. This new service includes the 203 step process which is the result of their experience working as map SEO experts since 2005.

According to Phoenix SEO Geek, most businesses that are getting local search traffic and calls are still not ranking as well as they should on Google Maps. Businesses get results only from a small part of the city, in the immediate vicinity of the business. This is because Google uses the searcher’s location to provide results close to them. This has the disadvantage of limiting visibility in the greater Metropolitan area.

Phoenix SEO Geek ensures that its clients get the largest share of calls from prospects, on a daily basis. The Omni Maps Protocol® developed by them provides every business with local place authority®. This function reliably and consistently enables companies to show up in a larger area of the greater Metropolitan area in which their services are provided.

SEO services that do not use local place authority® to digitally market local businesses, will only attract leads that are in close proximity or even standing directly in front of the business. The Omni Maps Protocol® SEO Services provided by Phoenix SEO Geek give their clients the highest ROI of all internet marketing channels.

Clients can be assured of being in the top 3 organic results on Google which get over 50% of clicks. This will enable them to build their brand equity and be easily found. Phoenix SEO Geek provides businesses with the additional advantage of being able to measure their results and consistently turn clicks into calls and profits.

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