Phoenix AZ Live Facebook Shopping App – Product Showcase Channel Launched

Binlyfe has launched its new online retail platform, a shopping channel which allows Facebook users to shop live, directly from the app.

BinLyfe’s new app is partnered with companies like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Overstock to bring the best deals to their shoppers. The actual shopping functions similarly to a traditional cable TV shopping channel, where featured products are showcased and then made available for purchase through Facebook’s integrated shopping infrastructure.

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BinLyfe’s new venture is a new take on a retro concept, providing a more exciting and engaging shopping experience than customers would otherwise receive through Facebook. The new app and Facebook group work in tandem with BinLyfe’s preexisting online marketplace to bring high-quality products directly to their customers at discounted liquidation prices.

The concept of live shopping is nothing new, but has been a reliable source of revenue for cable retailers and continues to be to this day. Even given the rise of streaming services and the general decline in cable subscriptions, these channels still bring in millions of dollars every year. One of the most popular cable shopping channels, QVC, grossed over 14 billion dollars in sales last year, thanks in large part to the worldwide lockdowns.

It is with this legacy in mind that BinLyfe has been expanded, bringing the interactivity and intrigue of home shopping directly to the mobile space. Now, customers can enjoy live shopping from anywhere, with products selected from an expansive catalog of discounted overstocked merchandise, from many of the top retail brands.

Much of the inventory sold through this new shopping channel is direct from major retailers such as Target, Lowes, and Sam’s Club. This excess inventory is available at a considerable markdown, with the added benefit of the live product showcases.

Customers in the Phoenix, AZ area can enjoy BinLyfe’s curbside order pickup service as an added bonus. Products can be picked up directly from the warehouse and will be hand-delivered by a qualified representative.

One particularly satisfied customer had this to say about their experience: “I have so much fun saving money with BinLyfe. The people there are hardworking and dedicated to the business. The app has been a great way to combine the money-saving part with fun live sales events. It’s great!”

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