Phoenix AZ Home Exercise Machine Cardiovascular Core Resistance Workout Launched

CorePump LLC, a Phoenix AZ based fitness equipment retailer, has launched the CorePump Machine, designed for effective at-home workouts that strengthen the core and improve cardiovascular health.

CorePump LLC, a fitness equipment retailer from Phoenix AZ, have recently launched the CorePump Machine, a medically-certified home workout system that allows people to maintain their cardiovascular health and core strength without visiting a gym.

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The CorePump is the perfect at-home exercise apparatus for people working from home or practicing social isolation during the global health crisis. The CorePump is designed to effectively and efficiently 4 challenge common fitness goals, including improving cardiovascular health and flexibility, in addition to supporting the core and overall body strength.

The CorePump Machine uses Smart Resistance® technology, which automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength and speed of the user, making the workout twice as hard as traditional resistance training. Smart Resistance is designed to reduce DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) and allows users to commit to their workouts without muscle spasms or twinges.

The patented CorePump technology is designed to maximize muscle strength and endurance. Since gyms have been reopened, 50% of people have decided not to renew their memberships and up to 80% of people have been working from home. CorePump has been created to respond to this ever-growing demand for home fitness solutions.

The recently released product allows people to exercise from home without the time and inconvenience of ever going to a gym. Additionally, the CorePump has a 2’x2’ footprint, allowing users to work out virtually anywhere, including places with limited space. The CorePump machine is a compact and convenient way to exercise at home.

The commercial grade quality machine has been approved by CMS as durable medical equipment, designed to improve core strength, regulate the cardiovascular system, and encourage flexibility. Users of the newly launched CorePump can complete a full body work out in less that 15 minutes, offering optimum aerobic and anaerobic health benefits.

The CorePump site showcases the infinite exercising possibilities that the machine offers, including over 66 handle positions, 6 Smart Resistance settings, and an adjustable platform. The versatile machine allows users of any height or size to effectively work out and customize their home exercise routine.

Moreover, the recently launched system requires no electricity and is therefore also an excellent equipment choice for outdoor exercise or for traveling. The CorePump® Machine is a certified piece of durable medical equipment (DME), having been reviewed by the PDAC as an effective device to support medical fitness, specifically strengthening cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary health.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-480-215-8593.

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