Phoenix AZ COVID 19 Antibody Testing Immune Health Treatment Services Launched

Dr Kevin Chan and the team at Pineapple Health announced that they are now providing a new COVID-19 antibody bloodspot testing service for patients in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Pineapple Health, an integrative and family medicine practice in Phoenix, Arizona, announced the launch of a new COVID-19 antibody bloodspot testing service that quickly determines if one’s symptoms are related to COVID-19 or to allergies. The clinic also provides treatment options to help patients optimize their immune function and prevent or reduce complications such as ARDS.

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Testing to see who has the COVID-19 has become one of the most crucial elements of slowing the global pandemic. The newly launched COVID-19 antibody bloodspot testing service at Pineapple Health aims to help patients protect and defend themselves during the current time of risk.

Those who want to know if they have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past without any symptoms can now take the COVID-19 antibody bloodspot test. This diagnostic test requires just a few drops of blood to detect the fast-spreading disease.

Pineapple Health can test to see if the patient’s immune system has built up the antibodies for COVID-19. In addition, the clinic can help identify mildly symptomatic patients, whether they simply have allergies or COVID-19, or both.

The COVID-19 antibody test at Pineapple Health can serve as a valuable tool in the fight against the disease by identifying individuals with recent or prior exposure to the virus.

As researchers around the world race to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Kevin Chan and the team at Pineapple Health urge their patients to follow effective social isolation practices to protect both themselves and their communities by slowing the spread of coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of excellence in medicine. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to listening to those we are privileged to serve, earn the trust and respect of patients, profession and community and exceed your expectations.”

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