Phoenix AZ Certified Criminal Law Specialist Handles the Most Sensitive of Cases

Phoenix AZ Certified Criminal Law Specialist handles the most sensitive of cases. No matter the nature of the case, the degree of sensitivity, due process must be respected and afforded to all. Anything less would be an injustice.

Blumberg & Associates, a leading law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, announced an updated range of services for clients looking for an experienced board certified criminal attorney specializing in sexual offenses legislation. The law firm aims to ensure that the accused get a fair trial, are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and do not receive an unjustifiably harsh punishment.

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Defending clients accused of sex offenses poses a series of unique challenges to criminal defense attorneys. The public often simply assumes that those accused of sex crimes are automatically guilty, and the legal system – especially in Arizona – prescribes extremely harsh sentences for sex offenders.

This results in a large disparity between the crime and the punishment, with many defendants being sent to prison for decades – even though the evidence may not always be compelling.

Blumberg & Associates strives to provide high-quality legal representation for individuals accused of sexual offenses.

The law firm strives to see things from the perspective of both the victim and the accused, working diligently to ensure that its clients are granted a fair trial and are not wrongfully accused.

The complexities of sex offenses legislation makes it essential for the accused to contact a law firm specializing in sex crime legislation as soon as possible.

Bruce Blumberg has over 3 decades of experience and is one of the very few board certified criminal attorneys in the area.

A spokesperson for Blumberg & Associates explained: “Sex crimes elicit emotions on a wide spectrum, from bad to worse, perhaps justifiably. Unquestionably, people who are innocent are charged with these abhorrent acts and are in need of the best representation. However, accused persons who are “guilty” are as much in need of competent and effective representation.”

“The defense investigation and hiring of the appropriate experts must be accomplished. Mitigating evidence must be gathered and presented to the prosecutor and the defense must be prepared to engage in thorough plea negotiations in order to attempt to avoid the defendant being subjected to a long-term prison sentence,” they added.

With more than three decades of experience providing high-quality criminal defense law services, Blumberg & Associates has established a strong reputation for professionalism and service quality.

The firm serves clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, including Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Tempe, Scottsdale and Tucson.

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