Phoenix AZ Amazon Advertising Expert eCommerce Lead Generation Service Launched

Nuanced Media of Phoenix, AZ has just updated its Amazon marketing service. The firm helps small-and-medium-sized businesses generate boost revenue through effective campaigns.

Phoenix, AZ-based Nuanced Media announces the launch of its updated Amazon marketing services. The firm helps clients launch effective campaigns on the popular e-commerce site so they can boost their sales and profits.

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This upgraded service is geared towards small-and-medium-sized businesses who rely on Amazon to bolster their sales during the current pandemic. Nuanced Media utilizes best practices for the platform to lower a client’s advertising cost of sale while increasing their revenue.

The firm notes that Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform in the country, commanding 45% of the market. Moreover, as more people rely on online shopping to buy necessities, the company’s revenue has only grown, raking in over $100 billion in Q4 2020 alone.

Nuanced Media notes, however, that with millions of other merchants on Amazon’s marketplace, standing out can be a challenge. As such, it offers specialized lead generation campaigns that help clients reach the right audience at the right time.

Understanding that each client is different, the firm creates customized strategies and campaigns for each client. It provides end-to-end servicing, which includes analyzing existing campaigns, finding growth opportunities, executing campaigns, and measuring results.

The firm focuses on getting an excellent return on investment, with clients generating up to three times more revenue. Nuanced Media’s data-centric approach further optimizes results by constantly measuring and refining campaigns.

This includes ensuring that product listings are compellingly written and that photos are enticing and of high quality. The firm also endeavors to educate users about a client’s products by highlighting their features and benefits.

Nuanced Media is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in empowering e-commerce entrepreneurs. For its excellent service, it has been featured in media outlets such as Buzzfeed, Modern Retail, and Fundly.

A spokesperson says: “The current pandemic has only accelerated the big shift towards e-commerce. Our Amazon campaigns help clients navigate this new normal so their business can grow and thrive.”

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