Phoenix Auto Glass Chip Window Fast Accident Windshield Repair Store Launched

A new Phoenix store has been opened by Southwest Auto Glass, the Arizona based car window repair specialists. It allows more people to get their windshields repaired and replaced in the local area, keeping people safe on the road.

Southwest Auto Glass, car window and windshield repair specialists, have launched a new Phoenix store location to help more people stay safe on the roads. The business location will provide warehouse space, customer services, and a full service auto glass shop, with professional windshield replacement and auto glass repair services for taking care of chips and cracks.

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Phoenix based Southwest Auto Glass prides itself on its high levels of service offering free chip repairs for life, free mobile installation, and a free lifetime warranty on repair work. It is a local, family owned business that offers award-winning service, helping people to get back on the road after damaging their car windows and keeping them safe.

The site explains that Southwest Auto Glass offers a full range of auto glass repairs, windshield replacement and glass installation, including windshields, side door glass, rear windows, mirrors, vents and sun roofs.

This means that, whenever someone has damaged their car’s glass, through an accident or some other factor, the company can always help with getting it repaired or replaced. Because the company uses mobile auto glass repair services, they can travel to meet customers wherever their vehicle is located.

The installers only use OEM products and materials, which can restore windows and windshields to their original manufacturer quality standards, helping to ensure the safety of the vehicle itself and the passengers in it.

Having a cracked or chipped windshield can be dangerous, because fully functioning intact windshields offer structural stability and impact distribution. Windshields are designed to help redistribute the energy involved in a front end collision, therefore helping to provide a safer environment for the driver and passengers.

In addition to this, chips and cracks can cause visual impairment, which can lead to hazards on the road. Southwest Auto Glass was created to help reduce such hazards by making it as easy as possible for people to get their damaged windows repaired quickly and easily.

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