Philippines Reliable Outsourcing BPO Expert Dumaguete New Office Opened

Delonix Teams, a BPO outsourcing specialist, has opened its second office in the Philippines due to high growth. The Dumaguete office has capacity for 410 additional staff.

Delonix Teams has opened a second BPO Outsourcing office in the Philippines following great growth from its original office. Delonix Teams first outsourcing office was opened in Cebu in July 2012, with eight staff, and its has since grown from those eight to around 500 by May 2018.

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In light of the large growth since opening its original outsourcing office, Delonix Teams have opened their second Philippines office for outsourcing in Dumaguete City. The company averaged 10% growth during 2017, and the new office will have a capacity for 410 additional staff.

Delonix Teams currently helps over 240 SMEs from AU, US, and NZ leverage their resources and talent, and inject more capital into their front office operations, such as sales and customer service.

The company was born out of the frustration in trying to manage over half a dozen “work from home” VAs worldwide. It now has 250 active projects in four countries around the world, and has built teams for high profile clients like Aspect Sportswear, eTailme and Forestech Management.

Delonix Teams offers high quality BPO Outsourcing, helping clients to improve their workflow by outsourcing certain business related operations through the company.

Delonix Teams has recruited for a wide range of roles, including web developers, graphic designers, and general staff admin. In addition to this, it has helped with appointment setting, customer support staff, accountants and bookkeepers, social media marketing and eBay management.

The company states: “Remote managing staff has it’s unique differences & challenges, however our management team (lead by an Australian CEO working in the Philippine office) will assist you and your staff to adapt to the culture differences and understand what level of expectations exist on both sides.”

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