Philanthropic Consulting Firm Transitions to 2nd Generation of Family Ownership

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After serving clients for three decades, Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc. announces a leadership transition from Wayne Hussey to Daniel Hussey. The newly named Hussey Philanthropic Consulting Inc. reflects the second generation of family ownership and continued commitment to empowering philanthropy.

Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc. is now Hussey Philanthropic Consulting, Inc. After serving as a philanthropic consultant for three decades, Founder Wayne Hussey is transferring leadership to his son Daniel Hussey. The new company name reflects the second generation of family ownership and a continued commitment to empowering philanthropy.

Since 1997, Wayne Hussey has provided guidance and counsel to clients in a variety of industries. He led fundraising campaigns from $1 million to $630 million and served more than 1,000 clients in six different countries. Over the years, Hussey’s firm has raised $4 billion, including the largest gift in Canadian philanthropic history to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The company’s evolution is ongoing, and Wayne continues to play an integral role as a senior consultant. Daniel is now the managing partner, steering the firm to focus on transformational fundraising for charitable organizations.

According to Daniel, the new name, Hussey Philanthropic Consulting Inc., preserves the family name and legacy while providing greater clarity of the firm’s focus of serving charities that are passionate about transforming the world through philanthropy

“We didn’t want to lose the long-standing name recognition and exemplary reputation associated with Wayne Hussey Consulting, but a subtle name change seemed important as we narrow our focus to charitable philanthropy,” said Daniel.

“This is where we can really make a difference in the world… by helping charities achieve the skills, strategies and stories to raise all the funds they need to transform the world into a better place.”

The firm’s signature method is Transformational Fundraising, which involves helping charities identify a vision that serves as a foundation for their fundraising campaigns. Daniel explained that every element of a campaign must build on this vision to be successful.

“A charity may have a great vision and all of the best solutions to problems, but they must be able to communicate this in a way that resonates with donors,” said Daniel. “We help charities define a transformational vision and tell their story, so it doesn’t feel like a pitch or business proposal. It’s about creating an emotional experience that connects with donors and captures their hearts.”

Hussey Philanthropic Consulting Inc. works with boards and executive directors to change fundraising from an uncomfortable “sales” process to a streamlined system that achieves fundraising goals and builds meaningful donor relationships. The firm tailors its fundraising products and services to meet the unique needs of each client. Service offerings include transformational fundraising campaigns, strategic planning, donor data strategy, potential donor research, foundation management and corporate giving.

“At Hussey Philanthropic Consulting, we believe there is nothing purer in humanity than the voluntary transfer of wealth, and we are passionate about helping charities reach the right donors so they can make a difference together,” said Daniel. “In the future, we see a world where philanthropy is the dominant force for creating positive change, and we are excited to play a role in making it happen.”

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About Hussey Philanthropic Consulting

Hussey Philanthropic Consulting Inc. began in 1997 as Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc. Since then, the firm has helped more than 1,000 clients across five countries raise more than $4 billion through fundraising campaigns. In 2021, Founder Wayne Hussey transferred company leadership to his son Daniel Hussey who now serves as managing partner. Today, Hussey Philanthropic Consulting Inc. assists charities that are passionate about transforming the world through philanthropy. The firm’s mission is to help clients achieve the skills, strategies and stories to raise the funds to create positive change. Learn more at

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