Philadelphia PA Credit Score Improvement Service For Buying A New Home Launched

A credit repair specialist in Philadelphia has launched a project to help local renters struggling with the high cost of rent improve their credit scores, so they can afford their own home.

A credit repair professional has launched a credit transformation service to help residents in Philadelphia improve their credit scores to ease the effects of gentrification in the city.

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Aaron Clarke and his credit repair firm, Philly Credit Mechanic, have been helping improve the credit scores of low-income renters impacted by the high cost of rent caused by gentrification, so they can become homeowners instead.

The project teaches participants how to improve their credit score, how to build positive tradelines, and the exact steps needed to remove all negative remarks in their credit reports.

It also provides a free audit of one’s credit report, where Mr. Aaron Clarke goes over the report to identify negative and inaccurate entries. After finding these negative items, he will dispute them with the relevant organization on the participant’s behalf to reach the credit score they deserve.

To participate, interested parties are asked to register via the website to see if they qualify for the project. Those who qualify may schedule a free credit transformation session, where they will be provided with a custom roadmap to help them achieve their credit goals.

The credit transformation project is ideal for people who want to buy or refinance a home, purchase a new vehicle, qualify for a better job, get approved for a credit card, or reduce the stress caused by bad credit in their personal life.

Mr. Clarke has been utilizing the project to help the local community deal with the effects of gentrification. According to a feature on him by 6abc Action News, Mr. Clarke works with his clients to improve their credit scores, so they can transition smoothly to homeownership.

Another 6abc Action News report called the gentrification in Philadelphia as “some of the most acute gentrification the city and country have seen”. This transformation has caused real estate values to rise, which in turn is pricing out low-income renters.

Mr. Aaron Clarke’s group has received numerous positive reviews on Google. “I loved Philly Credit Mechanic because they’re easy to work with. They help you understand how scores work and tell you exactly what you need to do to build your credit and fast and I see progress already just after a couple months,” wrote one reviewer.

More information about Mr. Clarke’s credit transformation project can be found at the URL above.

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