Philadelphia Law Firm Fellowship Student Debt Improper Collection Fund Launched

Philadelphia law firm Francis & Mailman has supported a new fellowship, which has been awarded to Joanna Darcus. The funding will help her to continue her work and fight for systemic change.

A new fellowship has been supported by the Philadelphia law firm Francis & Mailman. The law firm is located in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and concentrates on consumer protection litigation. The firm was founded in 1998 with the mission of of providing exceptional advocacy to consumers who are subjected to malpractice and unfair business.

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Francis & Mailman’s work has been recognized by a number of courts throughout the country for this high quality of its work and its experience in consumer protection litigation. Its expert staff have a wealth of experience in litigation.

Now the firm has put its weight behind a new fellowship in consumer law at CLS, and has named the recipient of the funding as Supervising Attorney Joanna Darcus. The fellowship funding will support Joanna’s work to bring economic justice to low income consumer debtors confronting predatory debt collection practices.

CLS, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, is known for having a long history of excellence in consumer litigation. The fellowship was created by attorneys James Francis and Mark Mailman, who wanted to support the cutting edge consumer rights work that CLS does.

In addition to the aforementioned work, the fellowship will help Joanna Darcus to continue her policy work advocating on behalf of student loan borrowers.

Low income consumers are often subjected to predatory debt collection. In addition to this, low income student loan borrowers often try to use the education system to increase their earnings, but the sheer amount of student debt they build up makes it difficult to reach their goals.

Through establishing the fellowship, the law firm Francis & Mailman have helped to increase the chances that a low income dependent will be able to obtain economic justice. They have also helped to ensure that student debt collection practices are improved.

Joanna Darcus said: “I am grateful for the opportunity that Francis & Mailman has provided me. I look forward to continuing my work and pushing for systemic change.” More information is also available on the firm at

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