Philadelphia Drug Lawyer: Celebrate Red Ribbon Week to Prevent Drug Crimes

A Philadelphia drug lawyer website is urging parents to celebrate Red Ribbon Week alongside their children. Those already facing a legal issue can get information and a free case evaluation from a veteran criminal defense attorney by calling (215)867-5077 or visiting now.

A Philadelphia drug lawyer group is among the estimated 80 million people across the country observing Red Ribbon Week beginning October 23. The program has historically run the last week of October every year and is held to encourage open dialogues about the dangers of drug use, with the hopes of reducing drug crimes and deaths overall.

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According to, just one-fourth of parents make the effort to speak with their children about drug use on a regular basis. However, this can reduce the chances that a child will use by 46-percent. During Red Ribbon Week, students in participating schools make a pledge to stay drug-free and wear a ribbon as a symbol of this commitment. They also participate in various activities and bring materials home, as a means to spur conversations with parents. Those with children who attend schools that are not taking part in the program can download materials from both the Red Ribbon and DEA websites.

Contests are held each year during the event. The first contest determined the theme of this year’s Red Ribbon Week: YOLO Be Drug Free. The winning entry was submitted by sixth-graders in Pennsylvania, who won $500 in Red Ribbon gear for their schools. A photo contest is also underway. The winning school will win an Apple iPad and $1,000.

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Red Ribbon Week first began as a way to honor Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. The 11-year veteran DEA agent was kidnapped and murdered in 1985 as he worked to end a major drug pipeline from Mexico to the United States. A series of “Camarena Clubs” were formed, with members pledging a drug-free life in remembrance of Kiki. The program was later expanded with the help of First Lady Nancy Reagan and the first Red Ribbon Week was held in 1988. This year, it begins on October 23rd and continues through the 31st.

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