Philadelphia Drug Attorney: Heroin Deaths and Cases Continue to Rise

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A Philadelphia drug attorney and info site has released startling statistics and data about how heroin is affecting the Philly population. Visit or call (215)867-5077 to speak with an experienced drug attorney now.

Philadelphia Drug Lawyers, a website dedicated to helping people find an experienced drug attorney, and to providing quality information regarding drug cases, has issued a warning regarding the dangers of heroin use. The alert was issued following the release of news that Philadelphia’s deaths and incarcerations for heroin-related crimes is climbing.

To speak with an experienced drug attorney, visit or call (215)867-5077 today.

Across the nation, drug overdoses now take around twice as many lives as homicides do, and the signs of Philadelphia’s heroin problem are everywhere. A recent study showed that Pennsylvania tops the charts where the overdose deaths of young men are concerned. For every 100,000 young male residents in the state, there are approximately 30.3 deaths, compared to the second-highest state, New Mexico, with a rate of 30.2 deaths. Pennsylvania takes ninth in the country overall for overdose deaths and, according to the CDC, also had one of the highest increases in deaths from 2000-2014, with 12.9-percent more fatalities occurring. While the death count continued to rise in Pennsylvania, other states managed to combat it and decrease their overdose fatalities. Montana dropped by 14.5-percent, while Louisiana and Iowa managed to decrease deaths by slightly more than 5-percent each.

The development in Pennsylvania follows the national trend, as the country is seeing a rise in heroin and opioid deaths overall. Experts believe that this is likely tied to prescription drug addictions, as the feds cracking down on the availability of painkillers. With little other choice but to feed the addiction, those hooked on painkillers move onto street drugs, which have greater availability, but no oversight and dangerous consequences.

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Arrest reports for heroin are pouring in nearly every day. “We’re giving no quarter in our efforts,” U.S. Attorney David Hickton said in an interview. “It’s killing people. So we’re working really hard, prosecuting really aggressively and investigating thoroughly.” He believes that the increase in arrests is a positive sign that law enforcement is doing everything they can to get heroin off the streets.

Despite the efforts of law enforcement and prosecutors, drug dealers seem to be a step ahead in distribution, and they’re upping their game. In April, law enforcement discovered that dealers are branding their heroin with celebrity likenesses. Packets featuring Stephen Curry have been showing up in drug busts.

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