Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer: Global Dog Bite Treatment Cost Comparison Released

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A Philadelphia dog bite can turn incredibly serious quickly, which is why it’s important to get dog bite treatment right away after an incident, even if the wound doesn’t appear to be infected. David Lazarus of the LA Times recently spoke with Jan Kern about her experience, which not only highlights how serious canine attacks can be, but also how astronomical the cost of dog bite treatment is here in the United States, as opposed to other areas of the globe.

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Jan’s story is incredibly unique in that she was bitten by a dog while she was on vacation and out of the country. Because of this, she visited four different medical facilities across three separate countries, and the dog bite treatment cost was drastically different from one place to the next, even though she received similar medications.

In Cambodia, near the Angkor Wat temple, Jan was bitten by a stray canine. When she visited Royal Angkor International Hospital, the doctor recommended standard prophylactic rabies treatments. This consists of four shots, spread out over a period of time, to ensure that the victim does not contract rabies as a result. The drug used in most of the world is called Verorab, which is less expensive than other medicines, but it’s not approved for use in the United States.

Because she was traveling, Jan could only have her initial treatment performed in Cambodia. The total price for her visit, including the Verorab shot, came out to around $125. She was due for her second shot while she was in Thailand. She received it at a clinic and paid $18.50. After arriving stateside, Jan visited the emergency room at Torrance Memorial Medical Center in California. The injection ran an astounding $5,254.85. Her final dose was given by a HealthCare Partners in Redondo Beach, to the tune of $427.

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It’s essential to seek dog bite treatment right away after injury because rabies shots are often necessary when a stray animal is involved. Without them, the disease can be fatal. Moreover, infections are common in puncture wounds, which is why doctors commonly prescribe antibiotics as well. These measures can save lives, but they are not cheap in the United States.

Jan’s bills were covered by her travel insurance, but even those with insurance are can become overwhelmed with deductibles and copays quickly. Thankfully, Pennsylvania does have firm dog bite laws, which allow people to receive payment directly from the animal’s owner or from his insurance company in most cases. While this doesn’t change the fact that medical expenses are astronomically high in the United States, it does ensure families are not burdened with treatment following an attack.

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