Philadelphia Dog Attacks Woman; Owner Flees as Victim Seeks Dog Bite Treatment

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Philadelphia dog attacks are generally not severe, though one Chestnut Hill woman is lucky to be alive after being mauled by a white pit bull in Pastorius Park on October 5. After the woman survived the mauling, the animal’s owner fled the scene while the victim left for just minutes to get dog bite treatment and paper to write down contact information.

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Philadelphia has strict leash laws to prevent dog attacks. The victim was abiding by these laws while she was out for a walk with her own pet. However, during the excursion, she and her pet were approached by three other animals, including the pit bull. Although the animal had a leash, the owner was not holding it and the dog leaped at the victim. Per her own account, the victim assumed the dog was simply going to greet her exuberantly, but animal clamped down on her arm instead.

“I screamed at the woman and turned my back – simultaneously trying to burrow into the bushes there and drag my dog from the fray,” the victim told reporters. “When I turned back around, the dog jumped up and bit my face and throat”. The dog attack lasted only about ten seconds, but the victim was left bleeding and shocked following the incident. She asked the animal’s owner to wait while she went home to get paper to write down her information and perform immediate dog bite treatment. She returned just minutes later and discovered the animal’s owner had left the scene.

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Under state law, victims are entitled to medical reparations, virtually no questions asked. Victims may be entitled to additional payments depending on the severity of the dog attack or if the animal has a history of aggression. Most of these expenses are paid by the owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy, thus ensuring victims are not left with expenses through no fault of their own and enabling pet owners to do the right thing without having to pay out of their own pockets.

In this case, with the pet owner fleeing the scene, she may face additional charges, including violating the animal leash laws. Her absence and inability to confirm that the animal was up to date on it’s shots also resulted in the victim having to undergo a series of prophylactic rabies shots. Because the victim is recovering from cancer, her situation is more precarious and she must endure an additional injection as well.

At this point, there are not any reports that the animal’s owner has been identified. The victim describes her as an older woman with long blonde or white hair and sunglasses. The event took place on October 5 at approximately 1pm in Pastorius Park. Anyone with information regarding this incident or who can identify the pit bull’s owner is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Department.

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