Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) recommends HealthGrowth Capital as its preferred lender for its independent pharmacy members seeking working capital lines of credit.

[Lake Worth, Florida, November 21, 2018] – Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) has selected HealthGrowth Capital as its preferred lender for its members seeking working capital lines of credit.

HealthGrowth Capital, a direct lender to healthcare businesses, recently introduced its PharmLine revolving line of credit designed specifically for pharmacy entrepreneurs. “PDS believes independent pharmacies are the best place for patients to get the care they need, and therefore we believe independents deserve to thrive. This is why PDS is dedicated to helping pharmacy owners learn the skills and strategies they need to be successful and profitable,” said Jeff Philipp, Chief Executive Officer of PDS. “Pharmacy is a cash-challenged business. Our members are sometimes faced with reimbursement delays and charge backs that are out of their control and are often unpredictable. HealthGrowth Capital’s PharmLine product provides pharmacy owners with financial flexibility and liquidity when they need it.”

“PDS has been extraordinarily effective in helping take pharmacies to the next level of profitability and success,” said HealthGrowth Capital CEO Karl Kipke. “We created PharmLine revolving lines of credit because nearly every community pharmacy needs access to working capital in order to bridge reimbursement gaps or for growth capital. PharmLine provides pharmacy owners with up to $1 million of credit in as little as two-weeks.”

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS)

PDS works directly with owners and their staff to teach them to build stronger businesses, provide better patient service, become more effective leaders, and increase profits. By doing so, independent pharmacies become resistant to the industry forces working against them and have the freedom to achieve their aspirations. Unlike drug distributors, buying groups and trade associations, PDS is 100% focused on equipping independent pharmacy owners with the skills they need to make their life better and their business more valuable. For more information about Pharmacy Development Services, please visit or call (800) 987-7386.

About HealthGrowth Capital, LLC

HealthGrowth Capital, LLC, based in Austin, Texas is a leading specialty lender to independent pharmacies and healthcare companies and medical practices. Its products include working capital lines of credit, equipment finance and acquisition loans. For more information, please visit or call (512) 575-4500.

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