Peyronies ED Treatment Acoustic Wave Therapy Effectiveness Report Released

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Launch Medical announced the release of a new report discussing the effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy to treat the symptoms of Peyronie's disease and ED.

Launch Medical has released a new report discussing the effectiveness of shockwave therapy in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and ED. The company’s flagship product—The Phoenix—uses clinical-strength acoustic wave therapy to increase blood flow and is an effective first-line treatment for these conditions.

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According to the newly released report, patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease experience pain, deformity, and ED. The disease is caused by the buildup of plaque in blood vessels. Studies in peer-reviewed journals indicate that acoustic waves can alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease and improve overall function.

The Phoenix uses acoustic waves to temporarily clear plaque and encourages healthy blood vessels to grow. The launch of this tool means men suffering from ED and Peyronie’s Disease will be able to enjoy better lives by treating the root cause of their condition.

Acoustic wave therapy is a safe, FDA-recognized treatment that has proven effective in over 40 clinical studies. Gentle, calibrated sound waves are delivered by moving The Phoenix along the surface of the skin. The sounds break up plaque in existing blood vessels, and the micro-trauma that occurs as the waves pass through the tissue triggers the growth of new, healthy blood vessels.

The Phoenix is a user-friendly, non-invasive tool that men can use at home, with no side effects. The patented smart guidance technology makes it safe to use without medical supervision, and no prescription is required.

The Phoenix is an affordable solution to dysfunctions associated with Peyronie’s disease. A one-time purchase of The Phoenix is cheaper than ongoing prescription medications and injections, or expensive surgical implants. Full effects can be seen after twelve treatments and users can expect continued improvement for up to 90 days.

Launch Medical is a company that aims to take expensive medical devices and reinvent them in ways that make them accessible and affordable without losing their effectiveness. A satisfied user said, “Was very skeptical at first. I followed all protocols and after 6 sessions I noticed things change. I am happy with this product and would highly recommend it.”

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