Peters Township PA Home Sellers Agent – Valuation/Cash Offer Sale Service Launch

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The Jim Dolanch Real Estate Team (724-288-8800), a realty agency serving Peters Township, PA, announces their iSeller, home enhancement, and valuation services for those who are interested in obtaining a guaranteed top-dollar cash offer for their home.

With the goal of providing home seller support, the company’s announced services are recommended for Peters Township homeowners who urgently need to sell their homes for a good price. Now they can collaborate with a trusted industry professional for expert home and property advice.

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The new iSellers program is all about receiving a guaranteed cash offer for a suggested listing price after meeting with Jim Dolanch and telling them about the home. Not need to prepare the home for viewings and being assured of a cash sale are some of the most important benefits of the program.

A home enhancement proposal will also be given at the time of the cash offer. This is when the seller hands over the home to the agency’s trusted contractors to be strategically improved with the upgrade renovations required to get the best offer for the home.

The advantage of making such a bold move is that modern buyers often pay more for an updated ready-to-move-in house. Upgrading the kitchen and bathroom are two key areas that can significantly increase a property’s value.

Jim has seen time and time again that this helps to attract multiple offers and move the home faster for a better asking price. Any renovation costs are then recouped at the time of sale.

Obtaining a realistic valuation of the Peters Township home’s net worth price involves getting a professional real estate agent to have a proper look at the inside of the house. Alternate options such as Zillow that rely on sales algorithms or sending the home’s information to a realtor who does not see the inside of the house are very risky and an outdated means of obtaining a current and realistic property value.

A happy customer said, “Jim Dolanch team was all-around highly qualified, courteous, responsive, and effective. The house sold in two and a half days, and for over the asking price. Because Jim Dolanch is the leader of the team, he certainly deserves full credit for the smooth and effective sale of my property… and I’m sure others’ property as well.”

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