Petaluma Marriage Transformation/Coaching – Emotional Reactivity Program Launch

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Petaluma, California-based psychologist and emotional scientist Dr. Tracy Thomas has announced her marriage transformation program, offering couples a scientifically tested method to strengthen their relationship.

Dr. Tracy “Dr. T” Thomas, a leading psychologist specializing in emotional science, has updated and launched a marriage transformation program designed for couples whose relationships are affected due to emotional problems and reactions.

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The program offers couples a pioneering psychological method that can help them build lasting emotional strength, which is essential for a strong relationship. This system is ideal for those who have tried therapy without success, or for couples who are on the brink of divorce.

Dr. T’s primary offering is The Method, a proprietary framework designed to support people who are struggling with the effects of emotional sensitivity. According to the expert, out-of-control emotions can cause issues such as addictions and disorders, and these may prevent couples from leading their best lives.

“Whether you suppress your feelings, overreact or explode, the cycle of emotional sensitivity amplifies stress that overwhelms your system,” she explains.

Having true emotional strength goes beyond coping and developing a stoic attitude. According to Dr. Tracy, its real benefit is being able to lead a life of focus and freedom, as one is no longer easily swayed by emotions.

The Method is taught through Dr. T’s private support sessions, which are customized for each person in the relationship. These sessions can help address traumas, achieve desired outcomes, and improve one’s personal and professional life.

Dr. T can also work with the couple to resolve specific issues quickly. In these sessions, she trains them using the principles in The Method to ensure the longevity of their relationship.

Moreover, program participants will have access to her resource library, which contains over 125 hours of training materials that are available on demand.

Divorce is a costly affair, with an average price tag of $52,900 in the U.S., according to The Motley Fool’s research. Despite this, about 50% of marriages in the country end up in divorce.

Dr. T’s pioneering work has helped numerous couples and families avoid this undesirable outcome.

“She got my husband and I off the recovery hamster wheel, out of the addiction money pit, and stopped the financial bleeding that was keeping us up at night,” one past client said.

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