Petaluma CA Addiction Intervention Program With Custom Private Training Updated

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Dr. Tracy Inc, a Petaluma, California-based company, has updated its Addiction Intervention program to offer custom private training designed to help others overcome their addictions.

Dr. Tracy Inc., a Petaluma, California-based company offering a full range of services and resources to address health issues, has updated its Addiction Intervention program to aid those seeking recovery. Dr. Tracy Thomas is a psychologist, emotional scientist, interventionist, and author.

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The company’s newly updated program has been consistently delivering results for a number of clients. The customized private training will help clients rise above their addictions and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Clients will be invited to their “Elevate Estate” in Northern California for their intervention process. Its scenery provides a healing and relaxing environment to help clients get in a positive mindset to begin their transition into a new, addiction-free life.

The program has resulted in many success stories from CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and top performers. Dr. Tracy has discovered that the reason many people resort to self-medication when dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression is that they are emotionally sensitive. Her methods provide a sure way to defeat addiction once and for all without needing to be in recovery eternally.

The offered methods directly target one’s emotional sensitivity which is causing the client to engage in self-destructive behaviors. Her program can be effective even if the client has tried treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, and 12-step meetings without seeing success. Her methods are designed to eliminate the emotional reactivity that triggers self-medication and pave the way towards full recovery.

Dr. Tracy has spent over 20 years establishing the work in “Emotional Sensitivity”. She’s been featured in several media platforms including SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, SELF, and Redbook. She’s also appeared as a TED Talk guest speaking on the effects of “Emotional Sensitivity” and how her methods have helped countless people build their emotional strength.

A satisfied client said: “It will amaze you what you’re capable of and what you’ll feel the first day. It’ll start happening for you the minute she says to you, ‘are you open to this’? When you can say ‘yes’, the doors will blow wide open for you every moment, every day.”

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