Pet Nail Clipping Tool from DakPets Hits the European Market

As part of the company’s rapid expansion plan in the UK, DakPets has recently announced the launch of their advanced pet nail clipper in the country via Amazon UK.

DakPets continues its efforts to make an impact in the UK pet care market with the recent launch of their pet nail clipping tool via Amazon UK. This highly rated pet care brand has already delivered several products that have been done extremely well on the Amazon marketplaces. Their new dog clipper is a professional grade product with extraordinary features and is suitable for pet groomers and vets.

DakPets dog nail trimmers are now available in Amazon UK for a 30% discounted price, by using coupon code at the checkout VT4CJ7B8

Trimming the toenails of a dog and cat can be an intimidating and difficult process for the pet owners. Without regular trimming, nails tend to curve and pose the risk of it growing into the pads of the dog’s foot. It has been observed that dogs with bad memories of prior attempts are extremely anxious about this entire process. Also, even the slightest of mistakes may lead to serious safety issues for the pets as well as their owners. Therefore dog owners need a properly designed and built nail trimmer that can help accomplish this task in a safe and convenient manner.

With years of experience in the industry, DakPets has designed an extraordinary pet nail clipping tool that makes it a breeze to ensure a clean cut in just a single, smooth action. The product makes use of premium quality stainless steel blades to make this possible. These blades are durable and can retain their sharpness even after multiple applications. The superior build of the product makes it suitable for the professional groomers and veterinarians, in addition to the pet owners.

As with any other pet products, nail clippers also demand a high focus on pet safety. Improperly designed clippers often lead to over-cutting of the nail, an extremely painful experience for the pets. In order to eliminate this problem, DakPets has equipped their clippers with a protective guard. It also comes with useful safety locks for easy and safe storage of this sharp tool.

“Our product development team has done extremely well to design and build a product that promises to be a must-have for any dog and cat owner. We want all pet owners to enjoy a trimming experience similar to that of a professional nail trimming session with a groomer or vet,” said a senior spokesperson from DakPets. “Please visit our Amazon UK store right now to find out more about this amazing product.”

DakPets is currently offering an impressive 30% discount on all purchases of the product made via Amazon UK and using the Coupon Code VT4CJ7B8. The buyers also receive several other added benefits such as 100% 60 Day money back guarantee, and free shipping on orders above £20.

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About DakPets:

DakPets is a world-renowned pet care brand with an impressive range of products. The company’s name is synonymous with high quality, exceptional value pet supplies. All their products are made and developed by professional experts that specialize in different breed of dogs, cats, and even horse grooming tools and general pet wellness products.

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