Pet Hair Catcher Bath Shower Sinks Clogged Drain Prevention Strainer Launched

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A new pet hair catcher has been launched for use in baths, showers, and sinks. The team behind the TubShroom range explain there is something for every household drain.

A company that provides practical products that overcome everyday problems around the home has launched a new pet hair catcher that can be used in baths, showers, and sinks. The TubShroom Ultra is designed to catch pet and human hair in a bid to prevent drains from clogging and getting blocked.

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The newly launched range offers something for drains around the home to keep the drainage system free from hair and debris blocks. The team behind the product range explain the TubShroom Ultra is unlike regular strainers in the fact that it fits inside the drain. This means hair or debris is neatly collected around it without leaving an unsightly mess.

It has been designed to be easily cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals and it does not leave a tangled mess. The team say this makes it ideal for catching both human and pet hair. Aside from the TubShroom, the SinkShroom offers unrivalled protection for sink drains.

Available in different colors and finishes, the SinkShroom is designed to fit in any standard bathroom sink and aims to catch every hair, every time. The various colors mean it is likely to fit with any interior or home décor style offering a solution that is both practical and subtle.

ShowerShroom is meant to be placed underneath a stand-up shower stall grate explain the team. They say it is not designed for use in a bathtub or bathroom sink drain. It is a shower stall hair stopper or catcher that collects pet or human hair effortlessly and keeps drains free of blockages.

In addition, the team explain the Kitchen SinkShroom offers a stainless steel design that neatly catches debris and food particles without stopping water from draining properly. The design is a hollow center cylinder raised high enough to prevent dishes from stopping the flow of water.

A reviewer wrote: “It works on humans and pets, and it fits in any standard bathtub drain. I have had mine for six months, which means I have saved over $100 in handyman bribes.”

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TubShroom Ultra Demonstration Video

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