Pet Friendly Odor Eliminator Stain Removal Cleaning Products Launched

New pet-related products have been launched by Charlie & Max, including effective anti-chew spray. The products are perfect for pet owners and anyone that is looking for pet-related products such as unique necklaces.

Top quality and affordable new pet products have been launched on the Charlie & Max online store, including pet-friendly cleaning solutions. Charlie & Max offers a wide range of products such as anti-chew spray, joint supplements, dog toys, dog-themed artwork and jewelry and many other pet related products.

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The products available on the site are ideal for any pet lover that wants to quickly and easily stop their pet from destroying furniture, and anyone looking for pet-related products at affordable prices.

Customers will find that Charlie & Max is a company that is dedicated to offering the best pet products on the market whilst keeping the prices affordable. The company was created by the founders after rescuing two shelter dogs Charlie and Max, who destroyed furniture and so an effective anti-chew spray was needed.

It is common for dogs to chew, however this behavior can be directed towards items that can cause a health hazard if consumed and also are needed by the owner such as furniture, shoes, electronics and other items. The anti-chew spray quickly puts a stop to pets destroying these types of items as it is incredibly fast acting.

The anti-chew spray is designed to be more potent than competitors and works for cats as well as dogs, featuring twice the industry standard concentration. This means the solution not only acts fast but also has a direct effect, and is still perfectly safe to use. The anti-chew spray is alcohol-free and uses no propylene glycol. It is safe for use on electric cords, carpet, upholstery, fabric and shoes.

In addition to the anti-chew spray, customers will find various other pet-related products including the Charlie & Max Custom Luxury Necklace. This necklace is handmade, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift for pet lovers.

The necklace features a 316 steel or 18k gold finish and the adjustable necklace chain measures 18”-22”. The necklace is built to never fade and is also water-resistant meaning it will not tarnish in the rain.

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