Pet Arthritis Relief Homeopathic Home Remedy For Cats And Dogs Report Launched

Pet healthcare website Bouncy Pet released a new report on using homeopathic treatments to alleviate arthritis in dogs and cats.

Bouncy Pet, a website specializing in high-quality pet health information, released a new report on Pet Bounce, a homeopathic treatment for arthritis in cats and dogs. The report offers an overview of the main causes of arthritis and explains how Pet Bounce can help reverse the condition.

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The newly released report has been designed as a practical resource for pet owners interested in effective remedies to arthritis.

While NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most common treatment for the condition, research suggests that they may pose a serious range of health risks. Finding an alternative is a priority for dog and cat owners looking to alleviate arthritis in their pets.

The report states that such alternatives do exist, and they can help significantly improve the function and mobility of the affected pets: “We tend to associate these symptoms with wear and tear as part of the aging process, but there is hope however as this may not be the case at all. In fact there are some very effective natural arthritis treatments for cats and dogs. There may not be any need for harmful NSAIDs at all.”

Pet Bounce is a homeopathic remedy based on natural ingredients which have been shown to have positive effects in combating arthritis.

The Bouncy Pet report includes the full list of active natural ingredients, which includes Apis Mellifica, Belladona and Caulphyllum extracts.

To help pet owners treat their pet’s arthritis more effectively, the report also includes three essential dietary recommendations.

Eliminating processed foods is an essential step towards improving pet diet and addressing the root cause of arthritis. Including Omega 3 fats and reducing Omega 6 intake is also effective, as is improving the diet with antioxidant-rich foods like marine phytoplankton and turmeric.

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