Pesticides Named 1 on’s Top Most Common Toxins in Food List

Health News Site company,, announced its Top 10 List of Most Common Toxins in Food based on extensive reviews and research.

Based on extensive research and data, has published the Top Most Common Toxins in Food List. evaluated multiple criteria in order to narrow the field to the best 10 for Natural Health Enthusiasts, including the analysis of several of the most common foods found in your local supermarket. The full list of items along with the selection criteria can be found on the company website located at

Among the highest ranked are:

1 Pesticides – Pesticides are chemicals sprayed on plants to prevent insects from eating and therefore destroying the plant. These pesticides can remain on foods long after they are transported to the grocery store.

2 BHA – BHA is a preservative designed to extend the shelf-life of certain processed foods. It is also reasonably anticipated to be a carcinigen according to the National Institute of Health.

3 rBGH/rBST – rBGH and rBST are growth hormones given to cows that increases their milk production artificially. These hormones have been linked in some research to increase risks of cancer, although the data is inconclusive thus far.

When discussing the reasons for creating the list, Justin Arndt, Owner of said,

“While this information is known by many of the more enthusiastic natural health readers, it is still virtually unknown to the general public. Unnatural additives in food have been increasing in number. Typically exposure to a small amount of these toxins is relatively harmless, I believe most people are unaware how many different products contain these ingredients.”

Natural Health Enthusiasts looking for the most up-to-date rankings for Most Common Toxins in Food can view the list at Companies or individuals who would like to submit their recommendations for other products to be considered for the next list may contact via their website,

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