Pest Control Company Now Accepts New Rio Rancho NM Clients

Pest Defense Solutions is an award-winning pest control company that’s a member of the National Pest Management Association and is an accredited business at the Better Business Bureau.

Rio Rancho, August 17, 2015 – Pest Defense Solutions, the highly regarded pest control center for Albuquerque, New Mexico and El Paso Texas, has just announced the availability of their pest control services for clients in the Rio Rancho NM area. The population of the city has rapidly increased in the last decade, and now the estimated 90 thousand residents of the city can benefit from the pest control services from Pest Defense Solutions.

“There’s no good reason why the people of Rio Rancho should make do without the best protection and solutions for pests,” asserts a spokesman for Pest Defense Solutions. “We are renowned for the quality of our work, and potential clients can contact our Albuquerque NM branch to have a no-obligations meeting with our professional technicians, who can then give a free estimate for the cost of the job.”

Pest Defense Solutions accepts jobs from both residential and commercial clients. For residential pest control, they offer the special Home Protection Plan for residents so that homes can be free from the most common pests. For commercial pest control, they begin with a free consultation to identify the specific needs of the client, and then a plan can be customized to prevent and eliminate the threat of pests using the most effective, safest, and most environmentally-friendly products. Pest Defense Solutions job is ultimately to protect people, and that’s what the company does when they prevent the intrusion or eliminate the presence of pests such as termites, cockroaches, and mice. They also use products that do no harm to people in their homes and to the environment.

Pest Defense Solutions offer a 3-step process to pest control for Rio Rancho residents. It starts with an initial service that targets the most common areas for pest infestations.

They find all the areas in the home or workplace that are the most conducive to infestation, and then eradicate all the adult insects present in the areas. Then over the next 30 to 45 days PDS offer a follow-service to treat the eggs that may have been left behind and which may cause more problems in the future.

The company then focuses on the exterior of the client’s home or workplace. Most experts agree that that the majority of pest problems start from the outside of the home, and Pest Defense Solutions offers 4 steps for their exterior service.

“All overhangs and eves are swept and sprayed, and then we use a power spray around the windows and doors and on walls,” explains Pest Defense Solutions. Then PDS will create a landscaping barrier around the home by granulating grass out to 30 feet from the house, and they also create landscaping barriers around trees, bushes, and even around the water meter.

The level of service on the exterior is so thorough that interior services are not always required. This is much appreciated by clients, as it minimizes disruption to family relaxation or workplace activities. Pest Defense Solutions will offer treatments for cracks and crevices in the interior when it is requested. They take care of the home by using safe products, and they even make sure they don’t track dirt into the area by having our technicians wear shoe coverings. Not many other companies do this little step that means a lot to the homeowner or business owner.

Pest Defense Solutions offers solutions to pests such as rodents, ants, termites, spiders, and bees. These solutions may be applied to homes, sheds, workplaces, and even commercial warehouses.

Rat infestations must be resolved right away, because they pose a threat to human health as they expose people to dangerous pathogens that can cause serious diseases, reveals Pest Defense Solutions. They can bite people, contaminate animal feed and foodstuffs, and even cause structural damage to dwellings because of how they gnaw wood and wires and build nests.

“PDS can also treat cockroach and bee infestations, and these are crucial because cockroaches spread germs while bees can sting and do some damage to structures. “The company can deal with these problems directly, and we can also educate our clients on what forms of preventive measures they can implement to prevent or minimize problems in the future.

Of course, termites are also a high priority for Pest Defense Solutions. Their pest control services include getting rid of termites and preventing their return.

What PDS will advise the residents of Rio Rancho to call us instead of dealing with termite infestations themselves. Pest Defense Solutions can inspect the property and discover the severity of the problem, and then can discuss which extermination measures are the best.

Even spiders, which are actually common in the Rio Rancho area, may be dealt with as well. Even if they’re harmless, they can cause alarm and create cobwebs that have to be cleaned. And some venomous spiders can bite small children.

Pest Defense Solutions offers solutions to a wide range of pest problems, and all the products they use are non-staining, odorless, and absolutely safe for people and the environment. Estimates are free, and technicians will return and re-treat areas for free when necessary. For these reasons, Pest Defense Solutions is approved by the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angie’s list.

“We pride ourselves with the high quality of our products and of our work,” says Pest Defense Solutions. “Now we also make sure that the residents and workers in the Rio Rancho area can benefit from our expertise on pest control matters as well.”

Clients can also visit their website at for more information.

Their Albuquerque NM location is at 9670 Eagle Ranch Rd. NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 8711 can clients can call them (505) 899-4808. For clients near the El Paso area, the company is located at 2604 Samoa Dr., El Paso, TX 79925 and clients can call (915) 591-2847.

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