Pest Control Company In Phoenix, AZ Eliminating Scorpions With E3Expander

Ozone Pest Control announces the use of E3expander™ ,a unique, multi-purpose adjuvant,that helps make its residual pest applications more effective. Virtually eliminating scorpion populations around the homes and buildings of its customers in Phoenix, AZ.

Ozone Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ. introduced a new adjuvant, an additive that increases effectiveness, called E3Expander to its pest control applications with some miraculous results eliminating scorpion infestations. E3Expander makes pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers work better preventing them from moving where they are applied. making them last longer and protecting the environment from unnecessary run-off. Information regarding scorpion service from Ozone Pest Control can be found here:

Harry Davis of Ozone Pest Control has had great success using E3Expander to improve the effectiveness of his treatments for his pest control customers in the Phoenix, AZ area. He began by using E3Expander with the material he normally uses to control scorpions on his 25 accounts that have had the worst history of scorpion activity in the past. So far he has had no callbacks on those accounts. He said his worst house for scorpions is in the foothills of Ahwatukee, AZ. Last month he went there for a service.The total scorpion count indoors was 12. Some were dead, alive, or on glueboards in the garage. There were no dead ones outside. The glueboards in the garage also had the occassional cricket and cockroach on them. He used the his regular residual material with the E3Expander and dusted the door thresholds with a residual dust. He went back a month later to find not a single scorpion anywhere in the house. Not a single bug was found on any of the glue boards. They were perfectly clean. He found 2 dead scorpions around the outside perimeter of the home near the back door.

The features of E3Expander that help Ozone Pest Control become the king of scopion killers include:

Adhesion and Durability- Pesticides are applied to many different surfaces. E3Expander increases the residual level of the product it is mixed with and has two distinct attributes, and they are that E3Expander resists initial run and wash off due to rain or irrigation plus it holds up to the intense UV light in a place like Arizona. This will eliminate the need for retreats. The material will still be there even in a hard rain or intense sun. The end result is less chemical in the environment and happier scorpion free customers.

Migration- E3Expander will migrate and redistribute the active ingredient it is mixed with in the presence of moisture; humidity, dew, rain, and irrigation, and also as the substrate may increase in size. What this means is that when a material is applied it will in most cases not hit all areas you are treating. E3Expander will move the material to the untreated area in the presence of moisture; humidity, dew, rain, and irrigation. This results in less calls backs.

Safety- This is by far one of the greatest attributes to using this adjuvant. E3Expander is water based non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. E3Expander will keep materials where you apply them and reduce runoff into lakes, streams, and waterways. E3Expander in of itself will not will not cause staining to fabric, glass, nor damage to painted surfaces.

Harry Davis, CEO of Ozone Pest Control, when asked about E3Expander said:

“In all the years treating scorpions in the Phoenix area, I have never seen anything more effective in helping eliminate scorpion populations around homes and buildings!”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so visiting the company website at Those interested in purchasing E3Expander can go here:

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