Peru Tour Nazca Lines Ballestas Machu Picchu & Other Ancient Mysteries Announced

Eden’s Garden Bed & Breakfast announced a unique guided Peru tour, in partnership with Ancient Mysteries Explained and Peru expert Jan Peter de Jong, for people interested in adventure, local mysteries, wildlife, ancient ruins and social/Fairtrade projects, between October 19th and November 11th.

Eden’s Garden Bed & Breakfast partnered with Ancient Mysteries Explained to launch an exciting and unique 21-day tour of Peru, from October 19th to November 11th, including local mysteries, famous sites, ancient ruins, wildlife and visits to social/Fairtrade projects.

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Eden’s Garden Bed & Breakfast, Cottages and Tourist Activities is an authentic, small and popular manor in “Hälljsö Gard”, Västmanland, Sweden, owned by John De Jong, providing guests with a unique and full-service experience of the Swedish countryside, including traditional farmer style accommodations, a wide range of nature-based activities, and more.

The Eden’s Garden Bed & Breakfast and owner John de Jong partnered with Ancient Mysteries Explained, a website managed by Peru expert Jan Peter de Jong, to organize and launch a unique guided tour of the country, from October 19th to November 11th, tailored for tourists interested in a memorable ‘insider’ Peru experience and sustainable tourism that benefits the local population.

The tour led by Peru and ancient mysteries expert Jan Peter de Jong, who lived in Peru for 13 years, will take tourists to the most familiar and mysterious places in the country, including the capital city Lima, the popular Machu Pichu, Cusco city and its nearby ruins, the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon, the mysterious Nazca Lines, and more.

Boat trips to ‘El Candelabro’ (a geoglyph) and the Ballestas islands, famous for their nature & wildlife, including sea lions, penguins and many types of birds as well as a stop at the Ica Regional Museum, featuring elongated skulls and Ica stones, are also included along with visits to two children’s charities and one Fairtrade Eco-coffee / tea plantation.

The organizers & guides, Jan Peter de Jong and and John de Jong, are able to speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish, the internal flights and transfers between cities are included and the overnights during the trip are spent on local family-run accommodations known as ‘hostals’.

More information on Eden’s Garden “Nature’s Best” rated accommodations and wide range of unique nature-based activities are available on the website link provided above along with access to the Ancient Mysteries Explained website where additional details and a full itinerary of the unique Peru tour can be consulted.

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