Perth WA Aerial Drone Photography High Definition 4K Video Services Launched

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Perth-based company AeroVisionz have launched updated drone photography and video services for a variety of industries and businesses, including real estate, construction and sports.

AeroVisionz, a drone photography and videography company based in Perth Western Australia, has recently launched their services for companies across a variety of industries. AeroVisionz utilizes small drone technology to simplify aerial photography in commercial sectors like real estate, construction, agriculture and sports.

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Founded in 2016 AeroVisionz provides high-quality aerial imagery to customers in Western Australia. The company is fully CASA certified and is insured with a Public Indemnity of $20 million.

AeroVisionz’s selection of small, remotely piloted drones allows for both quality and affordability. The drones can soar up to heights of 400 feet, shoot at 4K video resolution and utilize GPS technology and gyro-stabilized controls for flight accuracy and smooth filming.

AeroVisionz’s aerial photography and video service has been utilized across a variety of industries. Their drones have been helpful for photographing personal property, from taking aerial images of real estate to enhance a property’s marketing to monitoring farmland in the agriculture sector for early weed and vermin detection, as well as assessing the condition and location of livestock.

Their services include photographing construction sites to help builders make decisions and see their work from a different angle. The company uses the drones to generate 3D models of build sites, and other helpful information for construction crews.

AeroVisionz has also helped with roof inspections at local buildings. The drones can take up-close footage of a roof to look for leaks and damage, which saves time and the money needed for a crew to inspect the roof.

The company has also been successful in the realm of video production and have created videos for events that are traditionally difficult to film like sports such as windsurfing as well as capturing astronomy events, where hobbyists take their telescopes into the Australian wilderness to catch an untainted glimpse of the cosmos.

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