Perth Sports Aerial Photography Drone Footage CASA Certified Services Launched

Aerovisionz, an aerial company from Perth, Western Australia, has updated its aerial imagery services for sports events. They offer thrilling perspectives with high-quality photography and video.

AeroVisionz, an aerial drone company from Perth, Western Australia, has updated its drone image and video capturing services for sporting events. AeroVisionz is fully CASA certified with a Public Indemnity of $20M.

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AeroVisionz newly updated drone video and image capturing services aim to provide ultra-high-quality photographs and cinematography for sporting events.

Drone technology offers aerial shots that were previously only possible to get with helicopters. Drone shots achieve higher quality images and can move and fly down the court or field of a sporting event without getting in the way. Their cameras can get much closer than a photographer can, allowing for close-up detailed images and video footage.

Their fleet of remotely piloted aircraft provides high-quality resolution images and video at an altitude limit of 400ft for an affordable price. They utilize the latest drone technology using state-of-the-art GPS positioning and gyro-stabilized flight control systems.

The drones can capture sports events from an exciting and thrilling perspective anywhere from land, sea, and air. Their state-of-the-art professional aerial cameras offer impressively smooth and stable footage. Those interested in learning more about AeroVisionz’s pricing options can fill out the contact form located on their website.

AeroVisionz was established in 2016 and their team emphasizes the importance of running safe and compliant operations to offer stunning, high-quality aerial imagery. Their company offers aerial images and video for real estate, agriculture, construction, asset inspection, aerial mapping, special events, night operations, and video production. Their website also includes a photo store that allows people to select and purchase an already-taken photograph and use it commercially.

A satisfied client said: “AeroVisionz flew their photographic drones around my property at Brunswick with quite astounding results. The quality of the images, both stills, and video, is extremely high, and the drone offers results that would be technically difficult with conventional aircraft – the only other alternative – as well as prohibitively expensive. The stabilized drone camera provides a solid jitter-free platform, and the optics give all the resolution one could possibly wish for.”

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