Perth Small Business Coaching Digital Skills Technology Report Launched

PGW Solutions Pty Ltd, a Perth small business coaching and digital solutions company, announced a new report on the most important skills entrepreneurs need for business success. The report gives a brief, easy-to-follow overview of crucial digital skills, as well as offering further training resources.

PGW Solutions Pty Ltd, a Perth small business solutions and coaching company, launched a report on the “9 Technology Skills Entrepreneurs Need for Success”. The report aims to help business owners improve their effectiveness by becoming familiar with skills such as cyber and data security, web analytics, social media, SEO and various others.

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Recent years have seen tremendous changes in business management and entrepreneurship, as digital developments have made it necessary for business owners and entrepreneurs to develop a wide range of new skills. While digital marketing services have become increasingly diverse and can often be contracted through professional companies, a bare minimum of digital competence is crucial for any entrepreneur.

PGW Solutions Pty Ltd launched a new report on the nine most important technology skills needed for business success. Written in an easy-to-understand, beginner-friendly style, the report aims to give a brief overview of essential digital skills, as well as guide readers towards further educational and training resources.

Cyber and data security is crucial, and recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have shown just how vulnerable business digital systems can be. The report introduces basic concepts such as firewall and its importance for protecting against malignant programs, antivirus software, data backup, limitations and recovery and many others.

The report also gives a brief overview of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for business growth. With recent traffic analyses showing that more than 95% of all keyword-specific traffic go to first page results, it is essential for all entrepreneurs to have a functional understanding of basic SEO principles.

Other skills covered in the PGW Solutions Pty Ltd report are web analytics, social media and e-mail marketing, apps and accounting software and many others.

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