Perth Property Conveyancing: Mandurah Settlement Services Releases Free Report

Property Conveyancing In Perth, a free report by Mandurah Settlement Service, helps home buyers understand the role of the conveyancer and legally binding contracts in Western Australia

Mandurah Settlement Services has today has made available and at no cost to the reader; a free comprehensive report on Property Conveyancing In Perth titled: “Buying And Selling A Home In Perth”.

The report has two key aims, written mostly to be relevant to home buyers, though it will also prove very useful and informative to many others, and anyone dealing with the topic of property conveyancing in Perth and Western Australia itself, in any regard.

The report’s primary aim is to help buyers understand the role of the conveyancer and legally binding contracts. The report gives valuable information to the reader and it will ultimately benefit them by providing a greater understanding about contract offers, contract terms, and what to expect from the conveyancing agent.

For example, the conveyancer should advise clearly that currently the law in Western Australia does not require that contracts for the purchase of property contain a cooling-off period. If the contract signed does not include a cooling off period, the buyer cannot get out of the contact because they have changed their mind, no matter whether the property purchase is auction or private.

Judith, Licensed Settlement Agent at Mandurah Settlement Services, states that the report was produced with home buyers largely in mind, because “it is important for property buyers and sellers to understand what the conveyancer (often called a settlement agent) does and the implications of the legal contracts.”

It is worth nothing that after over 20 years in business, Mandurah Settlement Services is in a unique position to distribute this report to all interested parties, as it has gained a significant knowledge and insights into the Perth and Mandurah conveyancing market.

This comes in no small part from being dedicated to establishing itself as a family real estate settlement agent within the Perth conveyancing industry and becoming synonymous with first class customer service.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to make available a reliable report that manages to help buyers understand the role of the conveyancer, the legally binding contracts and the different property ownership types.

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Judith, Licensed Settlement Agent at Mandurah Settlement Services said: “While Mandurah Settlement Services may not be the only property settlement agent Perth business to offer a conveyancing Perth service, I believe we do it the best. People will continue to trust us because we offer a first class customer service to our clients, and always have our clients best interests at heart.”

Interested parties who would like to talk with Judith and the team at Mandurah Settlement Services are encouraged to visit the website at or to give them a phone call (+61895357677) for a chat and arrange a quote.

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