Perth Driving School – Bad Weather/Rain Driving Lessons For Beginners Launched

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Dovetail Driving School (+61-427-036-106) has launched wet weather and rain driving lessons for beginners in Perth and the Northern Suburbs. The lessons cover driving in rainy weather in manual or automatic cars and includes all the practice needed to secure a driving permit.

Dovetail Driving School has launched rain driving lessons given the elevated risks for novice drivers. The school is led by Lisa Archer, an experienced professional instructor who concentrates on both the practical issues related to the student’s future driving test and the safety concerns that are paramount for any new learner.

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Dovetail Driving’s new rain driving lessons focus on imparting the skills required to drive during inclement weather conditions and guide students through all the precautions they need to take to stay safe on the road.

Perth is located in a very dry spot of the country, but as unusual weather patterns have become the norm across the globe, the city has seen significant rainfall.

The woman-owned and operated driving school in Carine, Western Australia, has developed this all-weather driving curriculum to help new drivers adapt to varying weather conditions. Because student learners cannot choose the date of their tests, Dovetail Driving School aims to help them prepare for their wet weather driving test as scheduled by the Department of Transportation.

Rain can cause cars to skid or drift erratically and impair the driver’s vision, especially at night. Studies suggest that rain is more dangerous than snow because people drive more carefully in the snow than in the rain. However, both conditions necessitate the same level of awareness and weather is one risk factor that is known to affect road crash rates in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

Dovetail Driving is committed to ensuring that student drivers are equipped with both the physical skills and the mental preparation necessary to drive in wet weather. The school’s official courses include the free-for-students Keys2drive, the Australian government-funded initiative that provides complimentary lessons with a Keys2drive accredited instructor to learner drivers and their parents or guardians.

Owner and female driving instructor Lisa Archer has undergone years of training, and professional development is a Keys2drive instructor certified by the Australian Automobile Association. All lessons include a full practice driving test.

Other featured lessons for Perth residents include manual and automatic driving lessons, freeway driving lessons, parking practice, and night driving lessons. Dovetail Driving will also assist individuals needing to convert an overseas driving licence to a Western Australia licence.

“Learning how to drive should be an exciting, happy experience for everyone,” says Lisa Archer. “We developed these rain driving lessons to impart good habits and help student learners navigate the road with confidence.”

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