Perth Company WordPress Website Design Service Launched

Perth Marketing Company has launched a new Wordpress website design service to help small to medium sized businesses improve their online presence. It aims to help create fast loading, mobile friendly websites that capture their target audience’s attention.

A new Perth WordPress website design service has been launched by Perth Marketing Company, whose purpose is to help small to medium businesses increase leads and sales. The company is independent and offers an affordable WordPress web design service that isn’t provided by the big web design agencies in Perth. The big Perth web design companies charge thousands of dollars for a basic WordPress website.

More information can be found at:

The web page describes a number of reasons to choose Perth Marketing Company over the big web design companies. The WordPress freelancer lives in Perth and is happy to explain to local businesses why they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for their website.

Perth Marketing Company also brings 15 years of WordPress experience to the table, and distinguishes itself by offering to quote 50% less than any of the big web design agencies. This means that small to medium businesses won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a simple website. Instead the can pay 50% less by using a freelancer that can offer a better service for half the price.

There is a lot of work that goes into designing a WordPress website, but the difference in price is usually as a result of the rate charged per hour by the designer. The big web design agencies have to charge at least $100 per hour to cover their overheads whereas a good freelancer is prepared to work for a much lower rate. Business owners that get the website designed with Perth Marketing campaign can expect to be charged at freelancer rates rather than at rates to cover large corporate overheads such as offices, cars and employee entitlements.

There are a number of web design companies that are happy to charge small businesses thousands and thousands of dollars to design a website. However, Perth Marketing Company is different, and aims to help small to medium sized Perth businesses by creating an affordable website so they business has money left over to spend on digital advertising.

It does this by offering to beat any quote by any of the big web design agencies by at least 50%.

When websites starts to look old and need to be upgraded, small businesses should consider using a WordPress freelancer rather than a big web design agency.

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