Perth Business Debt Recovery Lawyer Legal Action Unpaid Invoice Service Launched

Perth, Western Australia-based law firm GLP Lawyers International launches its commercial debt recovery service, which gives businesses a more cost-effective way to collect unpaid invoices.

GLP Lawyers International, a leading law firm based in Perth, Western Australia, announces the launch of its commercial debt recovery service. This service provides entrepreneurs a more cost-effective alternative to hiring debt collection agencies when recovering unpaid invoices.

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Research shows that Australian businesses lose as much as $7 billion each year because clients do not pay invoices on time. Unpaid dues disproportionately affect small-to-medium enterprises, which comprise 97% of all businesses in the country and many of which do not have ample cash reserves.

However, GLP Lawyers International says that the common recourse is to hire a debt collection agency, which can only file a credit report—not sue—unresponsive debtors. The firm says that hiring a debt recovery lawyer is often more advantageous, as taking legal action often prompts debtors to respond and take definitive action.

The law firm adds that filing a suit is especially apt when collecting large sums of money, as there is a time limit on debt recovery. Furthermore, a lawyer is best equipped to handle cases when a debtor has the means to pay an invoice, but contests the legality of the contract or refuses to honour its stipulations.

To protect the financial interests of its clients, GLP Lawyers International offers upfront, fixed-fee quotes for its services. And to ensure timely servicing, it guarantees a maximum 48-hour response time to any query, and a rapid turnover of drafted documents in under seven days.

A representative of the law firm says: ‘For small-to-medium sized businesses, cash flow is king. And in many cases, whether an invoice gets paid also determines whether a business remains open or not. With our commercial debt recovery service, we offer a cost-effective way for businesses to recover the dues they are rightly owed.’

GLP Lawyers International is a full-service law firm that serves Perth and surrounding areas. Its practice areas include commercial law, estate planning, capital raising, and offshore incorporation, among others.

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