Perth Business Coaching Group Releases Key Worker Recruitment Strategy Report

As an experienced accountant, owner of “Your Online Business Coach” Craig Ridley has worked with many businesses to perfect operations and improve profitability. As such, Ridley has released the Key Steps to Hiring Employees report, so businesses can find the right person for the job.

Perth-based, “Your Online Business Coach”, a small business mentor helping businesses to improve management, profitability and their overall return on investment, has released an employee hiring report. This report entitled ‘Key Steps to Hiring Employees’ focuses on how businesses can develop an employee recruitment strategy that will land them the right candidate.

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Recently published, the report shows business owners how to create a job definition before hiring, along with a checklist when reviewing applications. These steps refine the job role and help a business to narrow down the number of candidates.

Once a business has reduced the number of candidates down to a handful of hopefuls, then it’s time look critically at credentials and resumes states the report. This strategy enables a business to compare potential candidates and to create a short list making the task of finding the right employee less stressful.

The next step to successful recruitment is an over-the-phone interview suggests the report. Classified as a pre-screening step, this will save a business time when selecting a candidate. Those who make this cut, then move onto an in-person interview, before checking references and then making the job offer.

As an accountant with 25-years’ experience, owner of “Your Online Business Coach” Craig Ridley has worked with many business over his career. As such, he knows how to perfect business operations, improve profitability, and reduce debt so cash flow increases with better use of resources.

As Ridley said, “Business coaching helps owners work less for more return. Often, it’s not the long hours put into a business that generate a healthy return, but it’s looking at costs and reducing these so greater reward is reaped.”

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