Perth Autism Sensory Tools Supplier Routine And Reward Visual Kits Launched

Perth-WA autism sensory tools company Happy Hubble launched a routine and rewards visual kit to provide help for kids with autism use visual tools that encourage them to accomplish daily tasks.

Western Australia autism sensory tools company Happy Hubble released a new routine and reward visual kit. The business provides specialized tools and toys that aid kids with autism develop life skills.

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The new product aims to provide parents and families of kids with autism with visual tools that help encourage them to accomplish daily tasks independently. Children in the spectrum need the assistance of visual aids in order to help them carry out the simplest tasks. Wanting to offer support, Happy Hubble launched routine and reward visual kits.

Happy Hubble is a family-owned business which was started by a mother of three autistic kids. Driven by her passion to make life easier on her children and herself, Simone Hubble, researched, designed and created her own line of tools to help her communicate better with her kids and help teach them simple life skills.

Happy Hubble’s newest product—Routine and Reward Visual Kits—are visual tools that help kids in the spectrum get through their daily routines and tasks independently. It also has rewards cards that help them understand the concept of incentives for tasks done and to help parents set boundaries.

Each kit comes with morning and afternoon routine cards which are divided into two sections—to do and done. Easy-to-use Velcro task cards are placed on the ‘to do’ section. These tasks comprise of daily tasks such as study, bath, nap, bedtime, medication, dinner, etc. Once each task is done, the child transfers it to the ‘done’ section.

The kit also comes with Visual Reward Cards which contain several 10-minute time cards and sugar tokens that kids can use as currency to ‘buy’ treats and play time from their parents. It also has NO cards—no gadget, no treat cards—that parents can use to communicate certain limitations and boundaries. A silent timer which helps visualize time passing and a happy/ unhappy visual card that helps to communicate self-regulation is also included in the kit.

More information about Happy Hubble and their products are available over the phone at +61-407-089-794 or by visiting the aforementioned website.

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