Personalized Calendar Customization With Etsy Compatibility Mobile App Launched

The launch of Aspire, a new productivity planner and time management app, has been announced. It displays other mobile apps simultaneously and contains a customizable journal and calendar.

Aspire 99 has announced the launch of its new productivity and time management mobile app. As well as boosting work rate and organization skills, the app is designed to help users manage contacts and enhance business-client relationships.

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Aspire launches to provide users with optimal time management and habit tracking strategies. It displays multiple social networking and productivity platforms simultaneously, preventing users from wasting time that would normally be spent toggling between different windows.

Its primary aim is to simplify web and social media surfing by enabling users to access all of their mobile apps and programs at once. From communication and social networking tools to email and productivity platforms, Aspire users can monitor all ongoing tasks.

Users can benefit professionally from the app’s ability to help manage correspondence with clients, allowing for immediate project-specific responses with text, images, and notes. Further, Aspire can maximize social media marketing by allowing users to share and showcase their work throughout their industry quickly and efficiently.

Additional features of the app include a personalized digital calendar that syncs photos and notes with custom backgrounds and designs. Its task clock can be used to organize and prioritize to-do lists, with users easily able to keep track of their daily intentions and habits. They can also upload digital Etsy PDF files and save their own note templates for future use.

The app is intended to help users achieve their goals and increase their focus. By setting reminders, syncing calendar notes, and displaying social media windows, users can see all of their notifications in one place.

“I have tried many different productivity and time management apps out there,” said Aspire founder Deanna Decker. “But it seems like they were all missing one or a few important functions, or they were not very easy to use. This left me feeling unorganized, and frustrated. I wrote down what I was looking for, and I set out to create it.”

With the latest announcement, Aspire 99 provides optimal productivity software and time management solutions for users of Apple’s iPhone 6 and above.

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