Personal Safety Alarm 130db Protection Nighttime Security Device Launched

A new personal safety alarm has been launched by Original Defense. They help customers to protect themselves and ward off attackers or alert nearby passers by.

Original Defense has launched a new self-defense siren for personal protection either at home or while traveling. The personal protection specialists offer a wide range of items on their online store, including tactical flashlights, button batteries, and the KeyShark glass-breaking device.

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The newly launched personal safety alarm is 130db and can attract attention when needed from hundreds of feet away. This provides customers with added peace of mind when they are traveling through unknown areas.

It’s designed to scare off would-be attackers and buy customers much-needed time in frightening situations. It can quickly alert nearby pedestrians or the police, and also features a bright LED light to help with night visibility.

Some of the common use cases include school bullying situations, emergency self-defense situations, burglaries, night running, or walking with the dogs. It’s also well suited to protecting the elderly.

The 130db functionality allows the user to scare off any attackers while attracting nearby help. This pairs with the LED light for added visibility, and a greater sense of safety in low-light situations.

Customers will find that the device has been designed to be easy to activate. Users just have to pull the pin, and the siren will blare to ward off any unwanted attention or threats.

In addition to this, the device is lightweight, making it easy to carry and fit in a small bag or purse. It can be attached to a purse, backpack, keys, belt loops, suitcases and more. It’s also well suited to being brought onboard a plane for added convenience.

For customers, the main advantage to owning a personal alarm is that they can get help fast when needed. It also provides peace of mind, which can be especially beneficial for the elderly who might be scared of walking during the evening or nighttime.

The company states: “Protect yourself with the Siren. Place on a key chain or on a bag. The Self Defense Siren is incredibly loud and attention-getting at 130db, and is loud enough to get you out of a rough situation when you are in trouble.”

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