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The attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold provide people living in or near Santa Rosa, California with legal assistance in personal injury cases. Please visit for further details.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold are trained and experienced professionals who will work hard to help those hurt in personal injury accidents. They have an office located in Santa Rosa, California where they counsel individuals dealing with the insurance company representatives that oppose them. If a person is unable to get to the office, the attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold will go to them. If one lives in an isolated area, the attorneys will obtain the required information via phone and process the paperwork using fax and email. They cover all fees and expenditures until the conclusion of the case, with no upfront cost to the client. Because of the statute of limitations controlling the timing of the submission of a personal injury claim, the attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold encourage readers with such issues to contact them right away. Examples of the types of claims that these attorneys handle are bus accidents and truck accidents. For information on the other categories of cases managed by this firm, please visit and look under The Cause-Accidents.

With the economic climate being as it is, many people are turning to public transportation and mass transit for both local trips and long drives. Riding the bus is one of the cheapest ways to get around, and so it has become increasingly popular. Since it is financially profitable to do so, bus companies have responded to this trend by slashing their expenses. One method of doing this is by hiring fewer drivers and underpaying and overworking those who are selected for employment. Long hours covering the same routes frequently results in physical exhaustion, driver mistake and severe motor vehicle accidents. Because of the enormous size and weight of the buses, the injuries sustained in these accidents can be extreme. Victims not only face the trauma of this ordeal, there are also rules and regulations that have been specifically crafted to apply to bus accidents. This being the case, those making a bus accident-related injury claim require an injury attorney with the expertise to assist them.

Buses are large, but trucks are the biggest motor vehicles on the road. Combined with the facts that truck companies are in greater demand than ever and often strive to keep their prices low by urging their drivers to work as hard and as long as possible, terrible accidents resulting from truck driver error are inevitable. As with bus accidents, there are special laws in place for the trucking industry, and these can be rather complicated. Once again, an experienced personal injury attorney is essential for the settlement or litigation of these claims. Please allow the attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold to help in getting those damaged in accidents the deserved compensation by calling 800-245-1998.

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