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The attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold are well-qualified in protecting an individual’s personal injury rights and winning cases. Agents from the other side of the dispute may contact a victim within hours of an accident, and that person should have an experienced legal professional working on their behalf to assist in establishing the case and helping to resolve any issues that may arise. Before succumbing to the pressure to agree to a rushed settlement, people living in the Chico, California area should consult the lawyers of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold. They will use their expertise to get the best possible compensation for those injured due to motorcycle accidents, boating accidents and many other personal injury situations. The attorneys there urge victims to call them as soon as possible following the incident because the statute of limitations controlling the amount of time in which a claim must be commenced begins to run. For more information as to the type of cases that the attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold handle, please visit the website

As the weather becomes warmer, there are more motorcycles on the road, which exposes more people to motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are popular because they allow people to enjoy nice weather while feeling free and unencumbered. Unfortunately, there are risks involved in using this mode of transportation. A large part of the feeling of freedom that riding a motorcycle provides comes from not sitting inside of a vehicle, which also makes it so that there is nothing to protect riders from hitting the pavement, other vehicles or objects in the environment. Motorcycle drivers and passengers can get seriously injured, perhaps suffering concussions, broken bones and road rash. The attorneys at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold have represented many personal injury motorcycle claimants over the course of years, making them a sound choice for counsel and guidance in these matters.

Nicer weather can also lead to more boating accidents. Many enjoy being out on the open water to enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze. People across the country take out their boats and spend their time swimming, jet skiing and fishing. Sadly, the combination of powerful machinery, water and the possibility of human error can lead to numerous dangers. Mistakes often occur, which can result in collisions with other boats or individuals. Some of these incidents are serious, and some prove fatal. Insurance companies tend to be very aggressive when dealing with serious injuries, therefore this process should be handled with the assistance of a professional. The attorneys at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold know the applicable laws, how to make a claim with the insurance company, how the involvement of drugs or alcohol affect a claim and how to go about recovering from injuries sustained. For a free consultation, please call them at 1-800-245-1998.

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